At Reef Lodge, we like to help others where we can, and we keep a donations box at Reception to collect money to help those whose life circumstances are less fortunate than ours. We have been assisting Kusala Projects which is a charitable organisation set up and run by Australians to provide  education for children in India. The establishment of a school, offering classes for children who would otherwise have no chance of an education, has seen an enthusiastic response. To read more about Kusala Projects please visit Kusala Projects. If you too are able to help, you can make an online donation, via paypal, on the Kusala website. Remember, even the smallest amount you can give, makes a huge difference to someone in need. We have also donated and sent money to Africa. Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia India and many other countries to help out charitable causes. Most of these can be seen on our wall in our reception area.