Volunteers for free accommodation. Regional and farm work

Volunteer some of your time for FREE accommodation. This is a great chioce for backpackers looking to stay in an area you can volunteers some of time each day. In these cases it is often best to ask at the hostel reception. If they have a volunteers / accommodation exchange it is usally about 2 to 3 hours a day. If they don't, keep looking at the job board at the hostel. Another good place to look is Backpacker Job Boards  online and on "Gumtree."

Here is a facebook page we some times use to post work and may be worth joining although there seems to be more winging and less chatter about work, there are some good contacts to be found. Remember people are more inclined to talk about the bad things that happen and don't let that put you off:

Are you looking for paid work in Townsville, then best bet is to get to Townsville and hit the pavemant. The main industries you will be looking at are hospitality, labouring and marketing. Townsville does not have much in the way of fruit picking although there are a few farms and certianly worth a look. Make sure you have a Resme' and ready to start work.

N.B. Whatever your chosen work remember this! First impression are a big deal so when you take your reume around to different businesses, dress to impress or at least dress as though your ready to start work NOW!

If your looking for fruit picking, then best try the following towns:

N.B. All these listing are posted in good faith and are not recommendation of any sort. Any information that may be incorrect / needs updating / or you would like to be listed, please advise Reef Lodge Backpackers via



  • Bowen

Aussie Tavern and Backpackers... 18564 Bruce Hwy, Bowen, QLD. Ph:  0418 815 830

Barnacles Backpackers... 16-18 Gordon St, Bowen QLD. Ph: (07) 4786 4400

Ausie Mates... 10 Herbert St, Bowen QLD. Ph: 0408 647 848

"No Website"

Aussie Nomads... 18564 Bruce Hwy, Bowen, Queensland QLD. Ph: (07) 4786 5185



  • Ayr

Ayre Backpackers... 54 Wilmington St, QLD. Ph: (07) 47 835 837

Delta Backpackers...   139 Queen St, QLD. Ph: 07 47 833 991

Lazy Lizard... 20 Chippendale St, QLD. Ph: (07) 4783 3232

"No website"

Silver Link Caravan Park... 34 Norham Rd, Ayr QLD Ph: (07) 4783 3933



  • Homehill

Home Hill Backpackers… 30 Ninth St, Home Hill QLD. Ph: 0439 826 758

“No Website”

Imperial Backpackers... 29 Seventh St, Home Hill QLD. Ph: 0413 433 433



  • Cardwell

Cardwell Central Backpackers... 6 Brasenose St, Cardwell, QLD. Ph: (07) 4066 8404

Cardwell Backpackers Hostel... 178 Bowen St.Cardwell, QLD. Ph: (07) 4066 8014



  • Tully

Banna Barracks... 50 Butler St, Tully, QLD. Ph: 07 4068 0455

Beds on Bryant... 1 Black St, Tully QLD. Ph: 0438 667 574

Hotel Tully... 5 Butler St, Tully QLD. Ph: (07) 4068 1044

"No Website"



  • Innisfail

Innisfail Backpackers Workers Hostel… 125 Edith St, Innisfail QLD. Ph: (07) 4061 7833

"No Website"

River View Backpackers Resort… 63 Rankin St, Innisfail QLD. Ph: (07) 4061 8055

Backpackers Shack Hostel... 7 Ernest St, Innisfail QLD. Ph: 0499 042 446

Backpackers Retreat Hostel… 73 Rankin St, Innisfail QLD. Ph: (07) 4061 2284

"No Website"

Walkabout Backpackers… 6 Stitt St, Mighell QLD. Phone: (07) 4061 2311

"No Website"

Crown Hotel Backpackers... 25 Earnest Street, Innisfail QLD. 4860 Ph: (07) 4061 4722

"No Website"



  • Atherton / Mareeba

Tolga Backpackers… 4 Kennedy Hwy, Tolga QLD Ph: (07)  4095 4130

Atherton Travellers Lodge... 37 Alice St, Atherton QLD Ph: (07) 4091 3552

Atherton Backpackers at The Grand Hotel... Main St, Atherton QLD Ph: 0467 089 532

Tolga Country Lodge Backpacker's... 36 Kennedy Hwy, Tolga QLD Ph: (07) 4095 4782



We love meeting people at Reef Lodge but It makes us very mad when we hear about "Backpackers" working and getting ripped off.

Don't be scammed! If you feel some thing is not right, check-up on the person or farm. You will need a Tax file number if you are starting a paid job. Also be careful when you are offered food and accommodation included and ask the question is it FREE, or does it come out of your pay. Also if you are living on site, be sure to buy up at the local shops. Some of these places have a shop on site, but you pay high prices for your groceries.

the following URL's is a good read about scams and how to spot one.

Time for a hard earned beer!